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Try Adora Belle Dearheart sometime.

That's not a funny name.

Adora Belle Dearheart
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Adora Belle Dearheart looks like the sort of woman who does not tolerate any rubbish, and that is because she is. There are a lot of things she doesn't tolerate, actually. Liars, politicians, businessmen, men in general, and people in general top the list.

She is tall, mostly thanks to the four-inch stilleto boots she wears, and fills out a plain grey dress very well. Her coal-black hair is usually plastered down in a severe bun. The first thing people tend to notice about her are her angles. She has lots of them. Dangerously attractive ones, for the most part - not counting her heels, which are merely dangerous.

She enters Tabula Rasa after the events of the novel Going Postal.


-One plain grey woolen dress
-One pack of 24 cigarettes, 21 left
-One pack of 18 matches, 10 left
-Unmentionables (ie, underwear)
-Black four-inch stiletto-heeled boots
-A wad of penny stamps

Disclaimer: I do not own Adora Belle Dearheart or Helena Bonham Carter. I am merely borrowing Miss Dearheart from Terry Pratchett for the purposes of roleplaying at the_blank_slate. Sorry, lawyers!